Shipping and Return Policy

Finalizing your Order

We always strive to provide you with the best service possible. Therefore prior to shipping any order we inspect all of our products to ensure that you will get defect free jewelry. If during this inspection we find any defect in materials or workmanship in the products of your order and we don’t have stock on hand to fulfill your order, we reserve the right to cancel it in whole or in part, always after contacting you and explaining the situation. In such case you will be refunded partially or fully at the earliest possible. Please note that there might be some delay from the financial institution that handle our payments in the reversal of the charge for your order. Unfortunately this may take up to 3 months and it is totally out of our ability to avoid such delays.

If our inspection is successful your order is considered final and binding.

Shipping And Shipping Fees

We ship your items as soon as possible, usually the same or the next business day and certainly within 3 business days of the payment. Under special circumstances we reserve the right to ship your items at a specified date in the future in excess of our 3 business days maximum shipping timespan. In such cases you will be notified by announcements in the site and during checkout. If you cannot wait for the stated time period to pass please don’t place your order at this time.

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we do our best to package all of our products in a way that they are protected from shipment damage.
Unfortunately, especially during the SARS-Co-V2 pandemic, it is impossible to guarantee that all of our products will arrive with no carrier caused issues, damage and delays. To provide you with the best possible service we have teamed up with DHL and offer their services for security and peace of mind.

Orders equal to or less than 100€:

To compensate for pandemic delays and mitigate, as much as possible, the inconvenience of lost items we are offering tracked shipping via DHL at a cost of 10€ and optional shipping insurance for 10€ as a choice at checkout.

Orders between 100,01€ and 150€:

To further cover your shipment, if the total of your order is more than 100€ we will automatically ship via DHL with no cost to you. You will be offered an optional shipping insurance for 10€ as a choice at checkout. We strongly suggest that you insure your shipments.

Orders above 150€:

All orders above 150€ will be shipped for free via DHL with insurance.

Shipping insurance is important.

We strongly recommend that you choose to insure your shipments at checkout for all orders that it is not offered automatically for free. In the case that shipping damage does occur and you have not insured the shipment, the responsibility lies with the carrier and we can’t compensate you. In the vast majority of the cases the carrier WILL NOT compensate you for lost/stolen or damaged shipments without insurance and, in the few cases that you will be compensated, you will only be awarded a small fraction of the product cost and shipment.

Non DHL Free shipping

Depending on the market conditions and relevant carrier programs we may offer free shipping by regular post for orders below 100€. When offered, this doesn’t include tracking or insurance and usually experiences long delays. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages that used this free shipping option.


Our hand-made artisan jewelry is unique and very personal and we individually check and package each shipment. That way we provide you with maximum satisfaction and avoid any possibility that you receive an item with defects. There will be slight differences between the photos of the products in our site and the item that you will receive. This is normal as every piece of our jewelry is hand made with no automatic processes. This is not considered a defect and no returns will be arranged for such reasons.

As we don’t sell used or “seconds” items we cannot accept returns and all sales are considered final.


We warrant our products to be free of defects in workmanship and offer for them a two-year guarantee.

As we are sure that you will love our jewelry and will be wearing it as often as possible, the above stated warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear. It also doesn’t cover any damage caused by you or due to any other reason than workmanship defects.

In the case that due to a defect in workmanship one of our products fails please follow the following procedure to secure a replacement at no cost to you, apart from the shipping cost back to us of the defective item.

  • Do not attempt to repair on interfere with the product in any way
  • Send us clear pictures the damage from as close as possible to the email:
  • We will inspect the pictures and either
    • authorize a return, providing you with a return code and address.
    • Or deny the return, if our initial assessment is that the issue was not caused by the workmanship of the item.
  • Once you receive a return code
    • package the item securely,
    • include the return code in the package
    • and ship it to the provided address.
  • When we receive the item our jewelers will inspect it.
  • If the damage is verified as a workmanship defect you will be offered the option of:
    • Getting a replacement at no cost to you
    • Getting another item of equal or less value at no cost to you
  • In either case the shipment of the replacement will be at no cost to you.

Specifically for adjustable size rings

Any adjustable size ring will break after a number of size adjustments. We recommend that you adjust the ring to you finger size and not adjust it any further. Fatigue cracks and breakages caused by excessive number of ring size adjustments or adjustments in excess of +/- 2 sizes will not be covered by this warranty. Any warrantee claims found to be due to this case will be rejected upon inspection.